how simple real wellness can be.

Our fast-paced, modern world is characterized by a pervasive sense of disconnection- with our surroundings, our bodies, and ourselves.

This disconnection can affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
We may experience chronic pain and illness, stress and anxiety, or
simply a longing for greater connection and ease.

At KORU, we give you the tools and coaching you need to adapt to stress, move with ease, and become strong, resilient, and joyous. Together, we are building a caring community, developing fitness of mind, body and spirit.


your body and mind together.

You are a whole person –– a being who thinks, feels, senses and acts.
Your experience of life is unique, and so are your needs and goals.
Looking at the big picture, we help you find improvement that lasts.
We invite you to witness your own infinite potential to grow.
We invite you to see how powerful you already are.


Let's get

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Our classes offer a holistic approach to movement that empowers you with the skills you need to thrive. Our class offerings foster awareness, fitness, and personal empowerment through an array of modalities including Kundalini Yoga, Feldenkrais, XPT, meditation, and Tai Chi. Classes are an opportunity to practice breathing, movement, and awareness skills outside of the treatment room, and, for those new to KORU, are a perfect entry-point into mindfulness and elemental training.

Ultimately, students who regularly attend our classes can use the skills they
learn at home. In class, students learn easy, simple and portable ways
to care for themselves wherever they may be.

Our classes are open to everyone.
Your First Class Is Always Free