Personalized coaching for the
whole person.

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You are powerful.

You have an infinite potential for growth. Sure, there are obstacles in the way— There will always be obstacles. What matters is how you adapt. What matters is the work that you put in. We are walking this path, and we know there is joy in progress. Light-hearted and grounded, we are here to help you see joy and beauty at every step.
We are on this journey together.


KORU innovatively integrates
the Feldenkrais Method® & XPT®
to give you a powerful combination
of awareness, strength & resilience.

Feldenkrais® at Koru


The Feldenkrais Method® uses gentle, mindful movements to improve your awareness through a process of playful exploration. The Feldenkrais Method® can help improve mobility, decrease pain, and facilitate peak performance in a variety of disciplines. Feldenkrais training has helped millions of people worldwide move better, breathe easier, and do what they love with joy, ease, and vitality.


The perfect complement to the Feldenkrais Method®, XPT® is a versatile fitness program that helps you adapt to stress and gain resilience both in the gym and in your daily life. XPT® makes the tools of elite athletes accessible to everyday people, teaching advanced techniques in breathing, movement, and recovery. In our XPT ® classes, you will explore the limits of your comfort zone, increase your mental and physical fitness, and have fun!

Helping you move in a way
that's truly you.

Ease of movement, smooth breathing, and inner vitality are our birthright.

Yet we develop habits that hold us back— that keep us in pain and prevent us from performing at our peak.

Our team is here to help make things simple. We help you learn the fundamentals of breathing, alignment, and awareness, and build fitness and strength from there.

Our team is here to help you free yourself of any habits that are holding you back, and to inspire you to learn new habits to help you succeed.

Let’s begin a journey towards strength, vitality and real wellness.