About Koru Real Wellness

1.     We care.

At KORU, we approach every client relationship with kindness and compassion because, at the end of the day, we are humans meeting humans. Just like you, we are not immune to personal struggles. Whether it’s pain or injury, a dip in performance, or emotional imbalance, we have, and still do, find ourselves in your shoes. You will find our support and guidance to be sustained, genuine, and consistent.

2.     Details matter.

We maintain deep respect for the complexity of each individual’s circumstances, physiology and psychology. As a result, our process is intentional, organic, and scientific, not arbitrary or habitual. Our goal is to understand all of the relevant factors and mechanisms behind your experience, so that we can cultivate a process that enables sustainable wellness.

Whether it be sports, dance, martial arts, or music, we all come from high performance backgrounds. We have experiential understanding of the importance of high-quality, thorough, and detailed treatment and training. We are committed to pursuing excellence and have an uncompromising work ethic because we have experienced firsthand the vast difference between general and individualized support.

3.     You are a whole person.

You are more than just your body. You are a being who thinks, feels, senses, and acts. Your experiences of imbalance, dysfunction, distress or pain emerge from many areas within you and your life. As such, we work with you as a whole person, not only your symptoms. We take lifestyle, mind and body into account so the improvement we facilitate can be sustained.

4.     You are powerful.

We approach treatment and training with regard for your infinite potential to grow. We also know that this potential depends on your own empowerment. As a result, we put you at the center of your own progress. We support inter-dependence and not co-dependence. With our guidance, skill and support, you will be able to generate the power to fuel your progress into your desired future.

5.     Progress is enjoyable.

While the path to progress may put us through unease, injury, or pain, it can also offer laughter, acceptance, and joy. We will support you in accepting and moving through your discomfort, without being dragged down by it. We keep a light-hearted and grounded attitude that invites joy and beauty into progress. We have found that it is with an open attitude that a sense of wellbeing and sustainable vitality can emerge.